Hakuba Assist

“Where do we start?”  “Who do we contact?”  If you are thinking about moving to Hakuba to live or start a business, these are the first things that you might be asking yourself.  Without Japanese Communication Skills, you might find it difficult to get everything organized.

Hakuba Assist can assist you setting up your life or business in Hakuba offering the following services.

Please contact us and start your new life in Hakuba with no hassles!

  • Interpretation, communicating with local suppliers and tradesman/architects etc
  • Setting up utilities, such as, electricity, gas, kerosene, water, phone, and internet accounts, banking accounts, insurance, bureaucratic procedures.
  • Assisting with Lodging License Applications
  • Fire Department Inspections
  • Food Handling License Application
  • Bookkeeping, communicating with accountant.
  • Mail Translation
  • Assisting with driver’s license applications
  • Assisting with Purchasing and selling motor vehicles
  • Assisting with purchasing items from Japanese online shopping sites

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