About Us


I grew up in Omachi, just a stones throw away from Hakuba. I have lived in the local region my whole life, barring a few years to go off and study in The States. They say home is where the heart is and this part of Japan will always be home for me. Winter is a time for amazing skiing and snowboarding and is certainly what Hakuba is renowned for but it is the contrast between the seasons that really makes this place special; the quiet, the colours and the sharp peaks rising to the sky leave you eternally breathless in awe of its beauty. I look forward to welcoming you to Hakuba and hope to show you an amazing time.

Kanako Greener

I grew up in Yokohama, Japan. Along the way I married an Australian man named Paul and we spent much of our married life in Australia raising our two children and running our retail surf business together. 7-odd years ago we decided to pack-up our Sydney life and move to Hakuba for a change of scenery. Hakuba is now home. It almost feels as if it has always been home. From the white wonderland that is the Japan winter to the deep greens of summer, we revel in our mountain life. We feel blesses to live in such a beautiful place and it is my hope to help you explore, and appreciate my home. I look forward to meeting you.

Between the two they found they were already specialists in helping non-Japanese speaking and local business people in successfully operating their businesses between locals and English speaking customers and tourists. They also did a fine job as local tour guides with their passions for all things food, tourism and just taking in the oasis they call home.

They thought “we are helping our friends already so why not make this a full time service”. So they did!

They live and breath Hakuba Japan and so can you with their help.

Whether your a winter visitor to the Hakuba region or in it for the long run and need help traversing the Japanese business landscape and services, these two friendly professionals can assist you; Hakuba Assist that is!

They Look forward to hearing from you and helping you, whatever business or personal service you need assistance with, to make your stay in the region the best possible one.

– Maki + Kana